We Travel, So Others Can Too!

We love to get out of Santa Barbara every once in a while to shoot hotels, resorts, or vacation rentals such as this cozy cabin up in Big Bear, California. This allows for travelers to be able to view their potential destination like they’re actually there in person without ever having to leave their couch. Talk about convenience!
Custom Floor Plans

Here is a nice luxury apartment home in Newport Coast. This tour features a floor plan with the highly desired 3D radar hot spots. The radar push pins "spin" and point in the direction of the tour that corresponds to the floor plan. Just click on the “push pin” spot on the floor plan and the screen jumps to that room instantly to help the viewer get a better idea of the layout of the property.
Custom Info Boxes

As shown in this wonderful little Italian restaurant, we can feature special parts of each tour such as the “wine list,” shown here. By clicking on the wine list icon, you can view a picture of the wines, a short text description, and also a link that can bring you directly to the wine list on the restaurant’s website. We can do this with ANYTHING that you would like to feature in your tour!
Think Outside The Box

We don’t just do virtual tours of business and homes, we can also do virtual tours of any outdoor attraction such as this quaint Lomas Santa Fe executive golf course. Water parks, monuments, beaches, ski resorts, etc. You name it, and we can turn it into a 360° paradise for everyone to enjoy!
You Can Have Your Own Tripod Cap Too!

Here’s one of the auto dealerships in Santa Barbara. If you look down, you’ll notice that these clients decided to have their logo displayed on the tripod cap. If you don’t want to overcrowd the tour by having your logo locked in the upper right-hand corner, you have the option of having us create a custom tripod cap with your logo and branding info!
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