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Closing Price ($)
6% Commission
3% Commission

We can't afford the 6% sales commission and we wanted an proven and inexpensive alternative. We love the Flat Fee Consumer MLS service from Kayyah.com. We hired them to shoot our condo in Santa Fe and Nathan did a professional job. The HD virtual tours were truly breathtaking and the Kayyah yard sign looks professional in our front yard, too. We're confident our condo will sell quickly.

Deb and Mike Calkin.

Sell It Yourself and Save $22,000 - $30,000 or More.

Let's assume your house is valued at $500,000. Let's also assume you list with a real estate agent. They take 6% of your home's value when your house sells. If you owe the bank $491,000... your full service real estate agent is going to need a check for $21,000 more when they bring the buyer and close on your house.

There is a better way. Sell it yourself, but market your listing on Kayyah.com and work with a local Real Estate attorney. Or market your own home and work with a Buyers Agent (typically 2% to 3% sales commission)
The Secrets of Selling Your Home + Saving Money...

The days of selling your home and having to cough up 6% of the sale price is a bit out-dated in the 21st century. There are less expensive alternatives. Such as using your local real estate attorney. That averages about $3,000. Or you can use a hungry, local real estate agent called a Buyer's Agent. They will work with you or your real estate attorney for a 2% to 3% sales commission. Both are ideal solutions and our website will educate on the Pros and Cons of both.

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Deb and Mike are your typical married couple who want to sell their own condo in Santa Fe. Santa Fe Properties, Coldwell Banker, Sotheby's... regardless of who they talked to -- want the same thing: 6% of their home's sale price when it sells.

There are less expensive alternatives home owners can consider today.

Option 1: Flat Fee MLS
A one time charge of $495 gets your home photographed in HD by a professional photographer (not the local Soccer mom) and listed in an International MLS: Kayyah.com (soon to be: FindBuyMove.com in late September, 2010). These are the same MLS marketing tools used by REALTORS but for the first time, consumers now have access to an electronic MLS and International listing syndication portal that is page one #1 on Google and gets more than 900,000 hits every month. Our Flat Fee MLS is 100% FREE from MLS politics so it's available to homeowners, REALTORS, real estate investors and VPiX certified affiliates.

Option 2: Buyer's Agent. 2.5% - 3%
This is fast becoming the preferred way to work with a local REALTOR and save thousands of dollars as opposed to the painful traditional 6% sales commission. A Buyer's Agent simply means a REALTOR who works for the Buyer. When they find your home for sale in Santa Fe or Albuquerque, they will contact you directly and they already have a Buyer. Many Buyers' Agents are already working for 2% to 3% commission now. And agents for some firms such as Redfin are offering $3,000 flat fee closing costs.

Flat Fee MLS Saves Money

Do the math. If you want to sell your home and save $10,000, $30,000 or more -- then choosing option #1 or #2 above will help. Getting your home beautifully photographed and entered into the Flat Fee MLS system is included on any package. Also included is the professional yard sign. Your home will be listed for six months, syndication to Google and publishing to CraigsList is included. Instead of adding a box of paper flyers to your yard sign, we offer the electronic version instead: Kayyah SMS. It lets people get your home's information including photos sent directly to their Smart Phone or iPad.
Flat Fee MLS Package

Affordable Flat Fee MLS
Designed for the most budget minded For Sale by Owner (FSBO) types, this popular real estate marketing package gets you; An on-site professional HD 360 tour package with up to (3) panoramic views and up to 8 slide show photos. You get the Kayyah (FindBuyMove.com) real estate yard sign. 6-month listing includes listing syndication to Google and a listing with an HTML house flyer on CraigsList, too. For best results, we recommend the Flat Fee MLS Results package.
Feature / Service Included with Package
HD Panoramic Tours 3 Panoramas
Slide Show Images Up to 8
Yard Sign Yes
Kayyah SMS No
Book: Sell It Yourself  Included
Flat Fee MLS Included with fee
Listed for 6 months
Listing Syndication Google, FindBuyMove.com
Showcase Listing No
Email Blast 310,000+ No
Flat Fee MLS Results Package

Our Best Selling Package!
Designed for the motivated For Sale by Owner (FSBO) this package includes everything in Package A, PLUS: Kayyah SMS. It's a rider that sits atop your real estate yard sign and tells people to "text your MLS ID to 48696," and your home photos and information is sent to their SmartPhone or iPad. Showcase Listings included: You enjoy top exposure on all our websites and a monthly email blast to 310,000+ potential buyers, real estate investors and Buyer's Agents.
Feature / Service Included with Package
HD Panoramic Tours 4 Panoramas
Slide Show Images Up to 12
Yard Sign Yes
Kayyah SMS Yes
Book: Sell It Yourself  Included
Flat Fee MLS Included with fee
Listed for Until Home Sells
Listing Syndication Google, FindBuyMove.com
Showcase Listing Yes
Email Blast 310,000+ Yes

Professional Yard Sign

Don't ever use an 88-cent black and orange letter FOR SALE sign stapled to a vampire stake to sell your home. It sends the wrong message to anyone even thinking of buying your home.

VPiX certified photographers will provide you with a professional 18 X 24 metal yard sign -- exactly like the ones used by the national real estate franchises. It will give your home a more professional look and it adds to to your home's "curb appeal."

Lots of Open House Signs...

With your choice of either FSBO package, you also get (5) Open House sticker signs. You stick these bright, weather-proof signs around your neighborhood -- directing people to your open house.

For some great ideas on how to advertise and make your open house successful, we include the best selling book, "Sell it Yourself," by Ralph Roberts. Ralph Roberts of Ralph Roberts Realty was voted by CNN as America's Scariest Salesman. As a REALTOR and broker, Ralph continues to be among the top selling REALTORS in the U.S. and has helped thousands of people buy or sell their home. VPiX certifie

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